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Tomato and Cheese Galette 018

I used to make this Tomato and Cheese Galette a lot, back in the 90’s shortly after buying Baking With Julia, the cookbook that includes the recipe. The galette recipes caught my eye immediately, both this one and the berry galette. Since the dough recipe makes enough for two galettes, I would sometimes bake a savory one to serve as an appetizer and a sweet one for dessert. But it had been awhile since I’d baked the savory galette; we baked the dessert galette last fall for Tuesdays With Dorie.

The galette pastry dough is quite rich with butter, a little bit sweet, and has a nice crunch from cornmeal included with the flour. The proportions of wet and dry ingredients yielded a very wet sticky dough, so that even after chilling for two hours, I used a lot of flour when rolling it out to keep it from sticking to the surface or the rolling pin. It had to be handled quickly before it became too soft to fold and pleat.

Tomato and Cheese Galette 002

The filling for this tart is very simple, just cheese, basil, and sliced tomatoes. Combining two mild cheeses, Monterey Jack and fresh mozzarella, works really well, allowing the fresh sweetness of the basil and the juicy acidity of the tomatoes to shine through. And of course, tomatoes + basil + mozzarella is a classic combination.

Tomato and Cheese Galette 010

This time I made two savory galettes which we ate while I finished up preparing dinner for Father’s Day – grilled shrimp with a mint and cilantro chutney, grilled broccoli, and couscous salad, with strawberry shortcake for dessert. The recipe for the Tomato and Cheese Galette is on page 429 of Baking With Julia. You can also see the versions baked by other Tuesdays With Dorie bakers by following this link.


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Savarin 012

The Savarin is a curious cake…light, bland, airy, and spongy, the better to absorb a soaking of sugar syrup and liqueur. I don’t have very good photos of the process or the finished cake – my finished Savarin was not especially photogenic. Instead of baking it in a bundt pan as I had planned, I used a springform pan with a ring insert that was smaller, since the volume of dough produced by this recipe was pretty skimpy.

The dough is really a slightly sweet enriched bread dough, made with just yeast, water, a little sugar, flour, an egg, and a bit of butter. The cake is quite bland on its own, before it is plumped with syrup. Mine stuck to its pan a little. I either needed to use more butter on the mold, and/or the Savarin needed a few more minutes in the oven. I think some browning would have helped its appearance as well as its texture.

I had some fresh local strawberries from the Farmers Market and extra soaking syrup, so I reduced the syrup and combined it with the sliced strawberries for filling the center of the Savarin. It was very moist and light, and easy to put together, as the rising times are very short. It’s also a pretty presentation. Using strawberries invited the comparison with strawberry shortcake, and for me, shortcake is the winner.

The recipe is on pages 416-417 of Baking With Julia.¬† You can also read about other bakers’ experiences with this recipe by following their links at the Tuesdays With Dorie blog.

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